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Actionable Insights News for 24 April 2024

AUTHOR: The Cvent Event Marketing & Management Product News Team

Top News: Custom Widget and Bulk API Enhancements.

The product team is working to deliver constant improvements that we know will improve your Cvent experience.


Custom Widgets SDK

  • Custom widgets can be built to solve unique use cases and styling needs for website and registration pages to further customize the site beyond what the standard widgets provide.

    With this release, we are adding additional methods to the Custom Widgets SDK:

    • Allow access to event-specific information (Event Title, State and End Date, etc.)

    • Respond to user actions during the registration process, such as admission item and registration type changes.

    • Prevent navigation until issues are resolved.

    View the documentation on Cvent's Developer Portal to learn more about developing custom widgets. View the community article to learn more about adding custom widgets to your account.

  • Expected Release Date: 24 April, 2024

Bulk API Enhancements

Our Bulk APIs allow more efficient data loading with dramatically lower customer API usage. Customers will now only have usage charged for the API calls they directly made and not the subsequent calls for creating or updating individual records. This will allow a smoother experience loading large amounts of data into Cvent. Customers do not need to change their integrations to benefit from this update.

  • Who is this feature intended for:

    • Developers & Planners

  • What are the most important and valuable things to know about this release?

    • Customers will no longer consume API quota for each individual record created or updated when using Bulk APIs

  • Expected Release Date: 24 April, 2024

Visit our Community with questions.

Questions about anything we've rolled out in this window? As always, you can get product questions answered in the Cvent Community via the Open Forum.

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