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Attendee Engagement News for 20 December 2023

AUTHOR: Cvent Product News Team

Top News: Scavenger Hunt Challenges, Enhanced Appointments, and more

The product team has 3 big improvements they're working to deliver in this window that we know you’re going to love:

  1. Attendee Hub: QR Code Game Challenges - QR Code Challenges expand the versatility and power of Attendee Hub Game by giving you the planner, full creative control to create fun, engaging and unique activities that you can incentivize attendees to participate in by awarding them points by scanning QR codes to validate their participation. Expected Release Date: 20 December 2023

  2. Attendee Hub + Appointments: View Appointments Conflicts and Private Notes Offline - Attendees can now view additional information related to appointment conflicts and private notes while offline in the Event App. This combats some challenges that may arise due to a lack of internet connectivity. This enhancement allows attendees to see which appointments have conflicts, as well as enabling them to view private notes about the appointments.

  3. Attendee Hub + Appointments: Enhanced Appointments View and Cancel/Decline Functionality - Viewing appointment details and canceling/declining appointments are now fully integrated to the Event App's interface, instead of just web-view. This enhancement is also compatible with mood and theme, creating a more cohesive, visually appealing experience for attendees.

Three additional improvements to make your job easier

If you thought the above items are exciting, wait until you see what else the team plans to release in the next launch window:

  • Attendee Hub + Appointments: View Attendee Profile from Appointment Details - Attendees can now view the profiles of those they are meeting with when reviewing appointment details in the Event App. Expected Release date: 20 December 2023

  • Attendee Hub: Download and View History of Branded App Builds - Customers and the Cvent Mobile Submission Team can now download the most recent builds and also view their past builds all directly from the Branded App Builder within Cvent. Expected Release Date: 20 December 2023

  • Attendee Hub: Featured Speakers on Attendee Hub Web Home Page - Planners can now promote featured speakers on the Attendee Hub web home page so their attendees can learn more about who they will be hearing from at the event. Speakers are a key factor in the attendee experience, so it is important to gain an understanding of their experience and what they have to offer. Expected Release Date: 20 December 2023

Other news that may interest you...

  • Attendee Hub Date Change: Date & Time filters for Simple Event Agendas is now expected to release 20 December 2023

  • Events+: UTM Tracking Parameters to attribute registrations back to their email campaigns, search engine marketing campaigns, and other sources. Event marketers can use applications like Google Analytics or other industry standard tools to see conversion and attribution reports. Expected Release Date: 20 December 2023

  • Attendee Hub Event App Updates – See a summary of the app enhancements that have rolled out in each release window here.

    Remember Attendee Hub customers - If you have an active event between Wednesday and Sunday of this release date, you will not see these new features until the Monday after the release. This is to ensure we are not releasing features into active, ongoing events.

Visit our Community with questions

Questions about anything we’ve rolled out in this window? As always, you can get product questions answered in the Cvent Community via the Open Forum. Also, attend our quarterly Product Update Live Q&A webinar where our product team is on the call to answer questions live!

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