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Exchange Solutions News for 10 April 2024

AUTHOR: The Cvent Event Marketing & Management Product News Team

Hello there! We have some exciting news from the product team regarding two big improvements for The Cvent Supplier's new experience that we know you'll love.

New CSN Planner Experience - Additional Menu Options (Organizations, Cancelled Space, and Reviews)

We're excited to announce the addition of three new options to our top navigation menu in the New CSN Planner Experience: Organization, Reviews and Cancelled Space. This update aims to streamline navigation for you to access these features from the New Experience directly!

Enhanced Accessibility:

It's important to note that these updates cater to accounts with varying configurations. Whether users have dual experience enabled or have default settings such as New CSN Experience, the Legacy CSN Experience, or the New Experience as default, the new navigation options remain accessible and intuitive for all users.

Mobile and Tablet Compatibility:

Additionally, we've ensured that these navigation enhancements extend to smaller screens and tablets. On these devices, the top navigation menu will display All RFPs, Preferred, Cancelled Space, Organizations, Reviews, and Reports for seamless accessibility and functionality.

What else? Improved RFP form to capture better Event Requirements in Access Portals

We're thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our improved RFP Form in Access Portals. We are launching our improved RFP form in the Access Portals to help you share more details of your events with hotels and other venues to make your sourcing experience even better than before. With this improvement, venues would now even have a much deeper and better insight into the event which will allow venues to share better bids, faster.

Simple Meetings Boost: The new and improved RFP form is not just about efficiency; it's about enhancing your experience by allowing you to define your event requirements better than ever before. By launching the new and improved RFP form and seamlessly integrating Simple Meetings with our Instant Book platform, we're making the Simple Meetings experience even better and more accessible.

We believe these updates will significantly improve your user efficiency and satisfaction. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to refine and enhance our platform.

Visit our Community with questions

Questions about anything we’ve rolled out in this window? As always, you can get product questions answered in the Cvent Community via the Open Forum. Also, attend our quarterly Product Update Live Q&A webinar where our product team is on the call to answer questions live!

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