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Plan & Promote News for 24 April 2024

AUTHOR: The Cvent Event Marketing & Management Product News Team

Top News: Enhanced Venue Sourcing Capabilities and more

The product team has 1 big improvement they're working to deliver in this window that we know you’re going to love:

  1. Enhanced Venue Sourcing Capabilities for Event Customers - We're excited to announce a significant enhancement with the introduction of venue sourcing capabilities directly within the Cvent platform.

    With this release, you will now have the ability to seamlessly search for venues and create Requests for Proposals (RFPs) directly within the event. This provides a user-friendly interface to explore and select venues tailored to your event needs.

    How It Works:

    • You can access the venue sourcing card within Event Features.

    • Through intuitive search filters, you can easily browse a wide range of venues, including hotels, conference centers, and unique event spaces.

    • Once a suitable venue is identified, you can initiate the RFP creation process directly within the platform, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time.

    By integrating venue sourcing capabilities directly into the event, we aim to simplify the event planning process and give you greater visibility into the comprehensive offerings available through the Cvent Supplier Network, empowering you to make informed decisions when selecting event venues. With the ability to search for venues and create RFPs within Cvent, you can save valuable time searching for venues.

2 additional improvements to make your job easier

If you thought the above items are exciting, wait until you see what else the team plans to release in the next launch window:

  • Data Privacy updates for Abstract Management and Speaker Resource Center - Within Abstract we have enhanced privacy capabilities for you to configure your Do Not Sell/Share settings. You can go into Compliance (GDPR) settings for your project to configure this to match your compliance needs.

     The Speaker Resource Center GDPR/Data Privacy configuration will now match the overall event settings. This update allows you to make sure your event and users can meet the various data privacy laws throughout the world.

  • Event Information and Navigation methods available to the Custom Widgets - Custom widgets can be built to solve unique use cases and styling needs for website and registration pages to further customize the site beyond what the standard widgets provide. With this release, we are adding additional methods to the Custom Widgets SDK:

    • Allow access to event-specific information (Event Title, State and End Date, etc.).

    • Respond to user actions during the registration process, such as admission item and registration type changes.

    • Prevent navigation until issues are resolved.

Visit our Community with questions

Questions about anything we’ve rolled out in this window? As always, you can get product questions answered in the Cvent Community via the Open Forum. Also, attend our quarterly Product Update Live Q&A webinar where our product team is on the call to answer questions live!

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