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Spend & Workflow News for 10 April 2024

AUTHOR: The Cvent Event Marketing & Management Product News Team

The product team has three enhancements they're working to deliver in this window that we know you’re going to love:

Associate CSN Venues to Budget Item Vendors During Import

Planners can now associate venues from the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) to budget items they are creating or updating via a file import in New Budget. This capability helps planners more accurately associate vendors to all relevant budget items and ensure accurate cross-event reporting.

To add CSN Vendors to budget items through importing a file, simply:

  1. Add the CSN Vendor in the import file in the "Vendor" column. This can be done by:

  1. Upload the file and step through the import process:

  1. The vendor shows as associated to the budget items that were imported:

Expected Release Date: 10 April, 2024

Access Portal Cookie Banner Enhancements

The Access Portal cookie banner can now be set up to allow visitors to configure their cookie consent preferences by customizing their preferences and/or disabling non-essential cookies. Previously, when the Access Portal cookie banner was enabled, visitors were required to accept all cookies.

Expected Release Date: 10 April, 2024

Added Safeguards for Simple Meeting Policies and MRF Fields and Questions

The Meeting Request Form (MRF) Site Designer will now prohibit users from deleting a field/question from the MRF if that field or question is being used in a Simple Meetings Policy. This update will prevent users from unknowingly breaking an active Simple Meetings Policy by removing a field or question from the MRF that is used in the policy's criteria.

Expected Release Date: 10 April, 2024

Visit our Community with questions

Questions about anything we’ve rolled out in this window? As always, you can get product questions answered in the Cvent Community via the Open Forum. Also, attend our quarterly Product Update Live Q&A webinar where our product team is on the call to answer questions live!

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